Friday, November 04, 2005

We finally did it..outta here

Dear readers,
this is the famous last call! We have now moved over to
This clog will still stay online, but we will move the content over to its new home in this week! Please visit us there for a scoop on the TE2, a new author and many more TamsPalm articles!!
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Tam Hanna

Thursday, November 03, 2005

TamsPalm will move soon

Dear readers,
this is a message just in case you were wondering. TamsPalm will move to WordPress hosting directly on in order to avoid many of the blogspot-related problems that we currently have!
You can check the current state of the procedures here:

New articles will no longer appear here, but from now on, at the new site. Please leavwe comments here or on the new site to notify us about comments wishes,....
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The TamsPalm team

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Vending machines for Ipods and mobile phones are a good idea

When Apple first deployed its ipod vending machines(Gizmondo has the scoop and images), most people beleived that this would not be specially useful because the ipods simply didnt contain any music and also werent charged. Vodafone now follows suite and sells pre-paid cell phones in another vending machine.
Vodafone's idea is a steap forward, as the phones can immediately be used out of the box. There is cash on the card, you have a number, you just need to charge the phone a bit(if it isnt already charged like my T630i was) and go. It dfinitely is a good choice for people who want to stear away from high roaming costs IMHO.

Anyways, there is one company I realy miss here: Palm. Palm-lets ignore their sometimes horrid device quality and customer care for now-has everything it needs to power such a shop. It has cheap, simple-to-use handhelds that can be sold easily-and it has NVFS technology. Due to NVFS, the handhelds could survive longer in the vending machines as they needed less current to stay active. The "shelf life" would be limited by the batteries self discharge rate, which is pretty low. If such a handheld is packed up with DocumentsToGo, VersaMail, Blazer and a few games/apps in thr NVFS area, it can be used right out of the box just like a cellphone can.

This would IMHO appeal to many users and would be a very effectuive way to sell the "low-end" boxen. I dont mean LifeDrives and Tungsten X's here, but rather a Tungsten E2, a Z22, a Z31 and such stuff. As long as the device isnt DOA when you take it out of the machine, it may lead to a satified customer(simplifies impulse buying). Palm would bcome independant of tzhe expensive human-operated stores, and thus could rach even "remote areas" with their handhelds. Usually, people are OS loyal-so if someone once has a PalmOS handheld, there is a high chance that he will stick to it. So, PalmSource could maybe make a buck and some market share here as well-buy a bunch of Palms, and offer it to the manufacturer of the ipod vending machines,.... .

Do you think this is a good idea?