Monday, October 10, 2005

What would make me buy the Tungsten T|X

Everyone who knows me on 1src, or other Palm forums knows that I love my TH. I tell everyone about it, and I believe it is the best PDA out right now, even though it is no longer in production. Besides the incredible battery life, it has onboard WiFi, integrated audio and video chips, and a low speed processor (which contributes to the battery life). There really isnt anything like it. The LifeDrive has Wifi, and so good connectivity, but its battery life doesnt close to measure up to the TH, and it cant handle audio quite as well, due to the lack of playing time, as well as hard drive lag when accessing media. The Treo has internet access, and though it can be used almost anywhere, it doesnt quite measure up to the speeds of wifi, and isnt as good at accessing local networks quickly (IE, for file operations). It has a smaller screen, and some of the same problems with battery life, though its nvfs system certainly helps the battery life. We then have the T5, which has BlueTooth, and can access networks (with some accessories), but has limited connectivity out of the box.

Now, all of these are good PDAs. The Treo is a great smartphone, the LifeDrive has alot of storage, and the T5, well...., it was a fairly good all around PDA. But now we have something a little different, called the Tungsten X. Now, the T|X is not going to be revolutionary. As it says on the box, it is "Affordable WiFi". It isnt a budget PDA either, in any respect. It will clearly be the successor to the T5. It will have a slower processor to offset the lower battery life from WiFi use, but it still should be fast enough to do even processor intensive tasks. Now here is where we get to the point of this article.

What could get me to buy it? At the moment, my TH can play fullscreen video at fairly good quality. As I have said, it can play audio for long amounts of time. This is something the TX will have to do. In addition, the main determining factor will be the battery life. I cant get over how good the battery life is, and though I know the TX will not have battery life as good as the TX, I can accept lower battery life, as long as it is good. Dmitry Grinberg is working on a dynamic clocking app which should increase battery life dramatically on devices with this type of processor, so I should not be too worried about battery life. This in mind, I may consider the TX as a replacement for my TH, and, if for whatever reason my TH died it looks like this would be the device that replaces it.

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