Friday, October 07, 2005

The vienniese Palm User Group met yesterday

The vienniese Palm User Group met yesterday in the Salzberg pub. Here are a few impressions made with an SX1

Manfred got himself an ipod nano. there is little I can say except that it is really thin! The screen is very bright and clear, and the controls are decent too (I never quite got the scrolling right).

Thomas couldnt quite understand whats so great about an ipod-his TT3 can play MP3 files too!

Alex purchased an ibook. Here you see him and Boris discussing various sick hacks for the box. The availability of free Wi-Fi motivated surfing around...

The Brando lenses for mobile phones also were a topic. Indeed, the product works better than its reputation is said to be(see review which will come soon).
Overall, this was another interesting meeting! Anyone of you visiting his local PUG?


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