Sunday, October 09, 2005

The TX-unofficially confirmed

Almost every regular TamsPalm reader knows that Pam Inc is due to release a few new handfhelds in the next few days. However, we now have received multiple confirmations that make me beleive that the release is really really close.
The first thing is this comment posted by an anonymous TamsPalm reader:

The T/X was just released. It is on sale at Office Depot. It has WiFi (311.b), Blue Tooth, portrait and landscape views, compatibility with MS Outlook, etc, MP 3 player, no camera.

So, it apperently is already standing in the store and is waiting for the beginning of sales! You may wonder whya this comment was posted just a few hours ago(on sunday). I personally beleive that the store had to redesign the customer area in order to integrate the TX into the existing lineup-doing this while customers around is pretty sure to piss off Palm Inc.

Second, we have a nice load of new images of the box here:
These images are self-explaining. I am pretty sure that they arent faked.

And-last but not least, the images already were submitted to Palm Info Center-and the site didnt find them worthy of publishing! We all know that PIC and Brighthand usually have access to devices before release for creating a review-the NDA that accompanies those boxen silences these portals for the last few hours before release. We had this with the T3, the TE2(I experienced it myself),... .

So, it looks as if it is finally confirmed. The TX is here. Will you get one?


Anonymous A. Nonymus said...

It sounds like a cool device but I kind of got hooked on Smartphones ever since I got my Treo 650...! So I'll probably wait for a better version of that one (Treo 700p maybe?!) or some other smartphone device before I replace it...

3:33 PM  

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