Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Today, is a day, which will live in infamy...

The iPod video is coming out!!!

Just kidding, though it is expected to be announced, this is a Palm blog, and we have better things to talk about, mainly the release of the Z22, and the Tungsten X. Both of these are expected to be announced today (boy am I up late), stealing all of the thunder from Apple's announcement (or the other way around). The Zire will have a color screen, and almost definitely an NVFS storage system. It looks a little like a mix between an iPod and a Lifedrive as far as the design is concerned. The TX needs no real introduction. It will have WiFi, and its MAIN feature (as if WiFi isnt enough), is that it will cost $300.00. Thats right, 300 dollars. The Zire will be $100. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up. For your enjoyment, here are some banner ads pulled from Palm's server by a couple avid 1src'ers. (mainly edeab220)


Blogger Bubu said...

I really love the design of the Z22. It's quite sexy ;)

But you're right, it could also be an Ipod..

9:13 PM  

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