Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Return of Palm to Retail, and MS cards that are cheaper than SD, not to mention Sony cards cheaper than Sandisk!

Most people know what this is, a PalmOne LifeDrive. It is sitting on a counter in my local Best Buy. Now, some probably think this isnt something to talk about, but in reality, this is a good step. You see, up until now, CompUSA is the ONLY store I had seen newer Palm devices in, as well as Tapwave devices. This time, I saw the device in a Best Buy. I think to myself, "Whats up with that?". Is Palm getting themselves back into retail fullscale? This is definitely possible, and a good thing to do since Palm will soon be releasing new devices.

On another note, at this same store, I noticed some interesting pricing on the memory cards. MS cards were cheaper than equivalent SD cards, and the Sony cards were the cheaper of the bunch. Take a look!


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