Friday, October 14, 2005

Palm Z22 - Software Review

I just downloaded the device-specific simulator of the Z22 from PluggedIn. As these simulators are very similar to the device's software, I decided to review it. The simulator "says" that the codename of the Z22 was "Tigga".

Download, unzip, start.

I downloaded the zip file (6,19 MB). It's part of Palm SDK 5.1. When I started the simulator the first thing I noticed was that there is no Palm logo when it starts / after a hardreset. After a while it showed the following pop-up:

It says that you can set brightness *and* contrast. The launcher doesn't show very much icons - no VersaMail, no Blazer. This is because the Z22 isn't a professional Palm, of course.

Nothing new or special. Some programs have a new version - but I couldn't find any extensions:

  • Calc 1.01 (scientific calculator)
  • Calendar 1.25
  • Contacts 1.25
  • Expense 1.25
  • Memos 1.25
  • Note Pad 2.32
  • Tasks 1.25
  • Launcher 4.52P
  • World Clock 2.02
Something interesting is that FATFS is in the ROM - so you can install a RAM drive - like Softick RAM Drive, Palm RAM Disk, Disk Manager. Maybe even E2InternalDrive runs - then DriveMode from T5 / LD runs, too!

Another thing is interesting, too: the Photos-application: there is no "Media", like on T5, LD, ... And Photos isn't the version from T|C, Zire71 or Tungsten T: It is from SplashData - this could mean that it's a lite version of SplashPhoto. It has more options than the old photo app, for example it can run a slideshow automatically while it is loading (that says the preferences dialogue).On some pictures you see the blue border around some controls - that means it supports 5-way-navigation in apps.

That's everything the simulator "says" to me. If you own a Z22 and if you can correct something, post a feedback!