Monday, October 10, 2005

Palm Inc customer care revisited

Update: Now that my mind is cooling off, I feel that this update is needed. My T3 works-the problerms mentioned below aside-really really well. The thing that annoys me is that apperently at Palms the one hand doesnt know what the other one is doing-a state that should be fixed ASAP IMHO.

!!!This is a rant. Please take it with a grain of salt!!!

Most of you will still remember PalmOnes attempt to advance exchange my hizzing T3 against another one that now hizzes again. I was originally awed abvout how the unit would have been picked up for free-but that offer apperently had an edge. The shipping company wanted me to stay at the same location from 8.00am to 5.00pm as the driver would come pick up the unit at some random point of time-without calling me in advance.

So, that sounds lovely. Impossible for a mobile person like me. I-of course-emailed the rep and heard nothing back from her for a few days. Because I saw little use in the T3, I opened an extra support case in order to get the company the T3 shipped. If I had had a postal address, I would have shipped it myself-but they didnt even give me that!

Now, a rep answered my enquiry telling me that I sould sacrifice a Saturday or bug a relative for the deliver. A whole day of my life for a friggin handheld that is meant to mobilize me?

Also, Palm Inc is not capable to refund me the shipping fee. Damnit? Is the company too ???? to get the shipment cheque and refund it to me? Please dont say that I am arrogant or anything_I dont care about the S&H fee and would even pay it on my own-but where should I ship the damn friggin box to???

Actually, the first comment poster inspired me. Instead of bickering around, lets close this story with a request fotr comments. Tell me what your experience is. Which manufacturer satisfies you, which one sucks? Please use the anonymous comment facility, it is free of charge...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why should anyone believe any word you write? You habe in-depth experience with a single company and you cannot compare this to others. You looser! You really think Palm device owners are worse off than others?

Think again. Or ask someone who knows what thinking is to do the work.

9:57 PM  
Blogger Tam Hanna said...

Hi Anon,
altough I am pretty sure that this wasn't your motivation, you actually motviated me to change the article. Gathering oppinions is always interesting-credit yourself with having changed a TamsPalm article.
Best regards&thanks for trolling
Tam Hanna

10:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

While the previous commenter was somewhat curt, the gist of his comments are spot-on. Many companies are cutting costs in a bid to manage their margins. The handheld business has moved to commodity and margins are razor-thin. I have experience with Palm, HP, and Dell in the handheld space and there is little difference when a problem arises.

Palm's biggest problem is that when they merged with Handspring somehow they had a "brain-lock" when it came to their release processes. They fell into what W. Edwards Demming called the "100% Quality is No Quality" hole, where the two testing and release teams were put together without an real thought and a lot of things fell through the cracks ("Both he and I are supposed to test this, so I'll let him do it," they both said - the result is neither tested it).

By cutting their customer support expenses they didn't really have an effective means of handling the customer relactions to their release mea culpa. The result is that they stumbled in how they handled it and it made the problem worse.

Not apologizing, but understanding. Customers are treated poorly these days because the companies hope we won't have a problem, or that few of us will have a problem. The result is poor customer support and lack of problem resolution.

If you find a company that does it right let us know!

10:31 PM  
Blogger Tam Hanna said...

the things said here definitely are right... . Anyways, it is not a god thing IMHO. BTW, Meazura may do it right, but it will still take some time until we find it out!
Best regards
Tam Hanna

5:27 PM  

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