Thursday, October 13, 2005

Palm Easy-Carrying case for Palm III(and most other) handhelds recently provided TamsPalm with a few samples of their products. Today, we will look at the Palm Easy-Carrying case for Palm III handhelds. Don't let the name fool you though, it works well with a herd of other boxen. I received a pink one, but green, blue and khaki versions are available as well. The envelope with all the stuff was pretty stuffed:

Some of the packages were slightly dented, but the contents all were in good state. This is the cases shipping package:

Indeed, this case belongs to a special case family which seems almost dead nowadays-it is a softcase. Softcases are of built of "fluffy" matereals which are usually elastic and gum-like up to some degree. This makes them comfortable to touch-but since these cases are strenghtened somehow, they protect a PDA as good/better than a thin hardcase. The empty case is a bit bigger than an a T3:

A Tungsten T3 fit into the case nicely-without needing to compact it! All cases I saw so far did not allow this-a disqualification criterium if you ask me.

Our Palm V also fit in:

Of course, this weren't TamsPalm if we wouldnt have a dealbreaker. A Palm Vii prototype almost fit in-but one couldnt close the zip.

The case has a few pouches for credit cards, papers and even a replacement stylus(good for 2-player games/brainstorming/foo on a single handheld). Handhelds are attached to the case with a regular Velcro fastener as we know it from clothes. The case is closed with a zip:

However, each product has weaknesses. The seams are starting to break up in one point and the zip's handle sometimes "goes astray". But-please keep this in mind-if this weren't a review, I probably wouldnt have bothered as I don't baby-treat my gadgets(btw-these photos were made with Brando lenses which will be reviewed soon):

This is the first "case" that really won my interest. It is the only solution I know that allows to protect a T3 without compacting it. The case is a bit thick and doesn't fit into a trouser pocket easily. However, its extra pouches for a replacement stylus and a few credit cards/cash. Since this accecory isn't designed for a special kind of handheld, its usability isnt limited to one series/type of box. Overall, I whole-heartedly suggest the case for everyone who wants to protect his handheld well and doesn't mind about the extra size!


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