Saturday, October 08, 2005

Motorola or Access-who is the better home for Palm OS

Recently, Motorola went to court because it got outbid in the PalmOS buyout. PalmSource apperently promised the company a termination fee if the deal would bust-and inded, as we know now, the deal busted and the PalmOS went to Access. Now, one has to pose the quiestion where the Palm OS would have fared better!
Indeed, Palm OS going to Motorola would probably have produced a few lively PalmOs powered boxen-but at what expense? Palm originally split up in order to give all licencees equal rights to the Palm OS. This benefit would be gone if the Palm Os would be owned by Motorola. I am pretty sure that the company would not be interested in having competition-cancelling licencee contracts would have been a logcial step for them on the long run.
So, Palm OS going to Motorola would IMHO have led to a few decent devices-and to consolidation of the PalmOS economy into one company: Motorola.
Access, on the other side, does not have any in-house hardware business. Thus, all hardware partners are equal for Access-and thus, licencees dont need to fear being left behind because the OS owner feels that they get too dangerous to their own devices(symbian Treo, anyone?). However, the problem that Access has is finding hardware licencees. With the PalmOS licencee count dwindling, device variety gets less and less as well.
So, Palm OS with Access is a bit riskier. If access manages to find a few new licencees, the PalmOs future looks bright IMHO. However, if they dont find any new licencees soon, the Palm OS will eventually fall out of the market!
What do you beleive?


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