Thursday, October 13, 2005


This is for you Jeff, since you say it isnt getting enough press, here is some. (If your name isnt Jeff Kirvin, ignore this line)

There is a certain PC program called Avvenu that has been out a while. It lets you access the entire content of your hard drive from any browser. However, this program has done a great job of hiding in the shadows. The reason, the ONLY reason, why we are seeing it mentioned now, is all because of Palm. At the release of the TX, there was a small piece of software (Avvenu) sitting on the Palm install disc. Users tried it out, and were amazed. There was a mention of it in the TX pages on Palms site, and I installed it. I was amazed. This program allows you to access every file on every PC you own that has the software installed. Because it runs from a web browser, there is almost no configuration involved, it just works. The only downside is that you cant just upload any file to the computer back, but this is absolutely the best program I have seen to remotely access files on a computer. It is free, and you can download the software from

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you elaborate on this comment:
"The only downside is that you cant just upload any file to the computer back"?

10:14 PM  
Blogger Brad Green said...

Sorry, that was a little vague. What I mean is that it gives you access to any file on any of your computers, but you cannot delete any of the files on your computer, and you cannot upload any files onto your computer. It is download only.

On another note, the program also allows you to set certain files as shareable, which means you can allow other users (who you specify) to view your files.

3:17 AM  

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