Thursday, October 06, 2005

The AccuPower AccuSafe-the hardcase for your batteries/memory cards

Most of you never heard of the austrian company AccuPower before-but they recently introduced a really funky acceccoire for their usually excellent(once got a depth discharged AAA and was helped immediately with fixing as I didnt want to have it exchanged 100% free-the rest were perfect...) batteries-the AccuSafe. It is really useful for all people who

  • have more than one SD/MMC/CF/... card

  • have a vintage handheld that uses AAA batteries

The AccuSafe is a storage box for up to four AA/AAA batteries-and it can also be used as a container for SD and maybe even CF cards. Look at these images for some details:

AA batteries are stored perpendicular to the AAA batteries shown below. So, you can store either 1-4 AA or 1-4 AAA and 1AA battery:

You can also use the box for memory cards. My 64MB Hama SD card even fits into the box if there are two or four AAA batteries inside:

This configuration is really comfortable. It allows me to keep two NiMH AAA spares for my VII prototype and also lets me store bogus memory cards safely.
The device itself is sturdy-I quicktested 100 opening-closing cycles. The hinges didnt degenerate-I beleive it will survive a thousand cycles. AccuPower really stuck to its tradition of solid products here. The box is smaller than a Palm Tungsten T3-see the images for size comparisons.
An AccuSafe can be purchased in many configurations-I got mine bundled with four DigitalPower AAA 1000mAH rechargeables which may be tested soon:

This really makes a dream packet-2-batteries in the handheld, two spares and the box for the memory cards for 16.96€. People who dont need the batteries can get a plain Accusafe for 1.96€.(prices from the german sites and
I know that there are hard cases with SD slots-but I never particularily liked cases/lids as they add an extra step to using the PDA. An AccuSafe, however, lets you transport your batteries and cards comfortably in the pocket of your trouser without affecting the PDA. This is an accessoire that will stay with me...
Disclosure: I am a former contract worker of AccuPower-however, this did not affect the quality of the review. The unit could not be returned as the blister, hinges,... were damaged in the reviewing process.


Anonymous A. Nonymus said...

Eight pictures of a simple plain plastic case...?! Are you trying to spam your own blog...?! ;)

Half as many would have been more than enough...

1:01 AM  
Anonymous shrimp said...

I agree with a. nonymus.

You have to think about your readers: who else has a AAA-powered PDA? And on top of that also want to carry memory cards. This article has a very very small audience.

However it is a good review. Even if the product is a little unimportant.

7:23 AM  
Blogger Tam Hanna said...

Hi A.nonymous and shrimp,
thank you all for the feedback. I beleived that this article may be interesting for people who still own a vintage handheld. I have even received word that quite a few companies still hold on to Visor/Palm III[x|xe|...] fleets... .
Anyways, the next reviews will be more substantial. However, I am not yet telling you what they all will be about!
Best regards
Tam Hanna

11:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, that battery storage box was not invented by AccuPower. Women know what i am talking about: It's a traveling case for Tampax!!!

8:10 PM  
Anonymous AkkuShop said...

The new Modell can you see here:

2:43 PM  

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