Monday, September 05, 2005

The value of beeing called a market leader

Recently, Gartner began to fire out studies saying how the PalmOS is behind Windows Mobile in sales. This post should not discuss these studies(we all know that the Treos are excluded...)-but it should rather discuss the value that they have for Microsoft!
Many magazines carried these reports, and many people read them. If they didn't consult a second news source, they would have the impression that Palm is a dying platform(what it isnt if you ask me). And this is the place where M$ comes into the equasion.
People dont like to buy discontinued/doomed products. Ever saw a software developer officially announcing a dead product's discontinuation if there is no successor ready? Nope, there arent many people whop have the honesty to declare the intents of killing a product that sells well... . There always is a chance that some people still want to buy it hoping for further development. A big fat discontinued sign usually kills such hopes.
Now, what shall somebody do who wants a PDA? If he beleives that Garnet/PalmOS is dead, he will usually want to get something that has a bright future. So, he will choose a PocketPC, as there is nothing else available(forget PocketViewers from Casio and the Linux PDA's). Each new PocketPC user helps spreading word about the platform to his friends and coworkers.
I am not intending to accuse anyone of ordering fake studies. However, Gartner also attacks Linux every now and then-so it may just be possible that Microsoft has a hand involved. They definitely would benefit from it... .
What do you think?


Anonymous Iannis said...

Unfortunately one of the weapons companies are using is the spread of roumors (false roumors, intentionaly magnified unconfirmed roumors or true ones with a twist of their own opinion).
Palm has started to move and making good progress even if it's not a fast one. It is absolutely logical that companies like MS will not like this and try to "accidentaly" push Palm out of its way.

8:50 PM  
Blogger Tam Hanna said...

I still firmly beleive that PalmOnes main problem is quality control...
Best regards
Tam Hanna

7:42 PM  
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