Saturday, September 17, 2005

Tungsten X and Zire 22-more news from an insider

TamsPalm just received the following specifications off a trusted source that wants to stay anonymous:
TamsPalm has not seen any of the two devices and wasn’t able to verify the specifications! So, please treat all analysis below as SPECULATION

I just heard from a reliable source that the TX's specs will be:

128MB NVFS, SD Card, USB 2.0, no camera, no voice record, no vibrate alarms, 320x480, 312Mhz PXA 272, WiFi, BT, Wifi and BT can be used at the same time.

Battery Life: max brightness. wifi connected. bt connected and music playing and warfare inc running (processor intensive app) and proc at 312 MHz is 2hrs and 30minutes!!!

The name TX might not be TX.

The Z22's specs will be:
160 x 160. Garnet. No SD. No Sound Output. No Vibrate. No LED alarm. No camera. No voice record. 200 MHz PXA 255 (processor info is questionable). 32 MB NVFS. The battery life w/ full brightness is 13 hours.

Lets have that sink in for a moment. The Zire 22 doesn’t have a camera, and now, what will happen to the Zire 31? Actually, I dare to say nothing! The Zire 31 and the 22 seem to target entirely different markets!
Now, we’ll start off by looking at the battery life of the two units side-to-side. A Zire 31 survived about 3.5 h in a CNET torture test-this may lead to about 5h of average usage time. However, the Zire 22 reaches 13 h if the information above is rue-ah, the old IIIc days!
Now, who needs such a long run time? The answer is easy: businesses. I have heard of many companies still sticking to fleets of monochrome Visors or other handhelds just for the long battery life that these boxen offer! Of course, the Acceca Meazura is an alternative-but look at the price! 400$ is a lot for a small company-if you have to buy such a box 11 times, that’s 4k bucks! So, the Zire 22 IMHO is not targeted at end consumers but rather at businesses-I wouldn’t be surprised if it had an m5xx st6yle reflective screen that is visible in sunlight... .
The Tungsten X-little to say here! Actually, we knew almost all of this already before. The lack of vibrating alarms, voice record,.. Probably is due to the T5 case and form factor requirements-however, I never quite understood how the TT could have all the stuff integrated and stay so small according to Peter Strobel. The battery life is pretty decent for dual wireless operation-please keep in mind that you will usually not use both radios in connected mode(transmitting data) and that you usually don’t have the screen set to more than half brightness!
What do you think? Which of the two will you get?


Blogger Ron said...

The TX for me.

I have a LifeDrive, but found it too slow for my taste.

I picked up a cheap T5 to check it out and it works for me, but I miss not having WiFi.

The TX - basically a T5 withh Wifi - sounds like it's for me.

The lack of a camera doesn't surprise me, though. Too many people abuse their [fill in your favorite device]'s camera - corporate espionage, up skirt pictures, locker room spying, etc. Some businesses are not allowing devices with cameras to be used in them.

11:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, it sounds like "the" device for me...except I already go it: TH55. If both devices were on the marked back when I got my TH55, I would have gone for the TX, as I don´t really need voice recorders and "snapshot"-cameras. Now that I got the TH55, I must admit, that I occasionally take pictures of some of the lab-device-settings so I can write it in my labjournal later when I have the time. So, end of the story: I am happy with my TH55 and the TX is not giving me more than the TH55 is offering (except the faster processor and maybe the better key-layout for gaming). Such a device should have been out 1-2 years ago... .

2:54 PM  
Blogger Steven Fisher said...

Isn't the T3 400 MHz?

9:09 AM  
Blogger Tam Hanna said...

Hi steven,
indeed, yes, the T3 has a PXA261/255 CPU running 400MhZ and the T5 a PXA271 416mhz with Wireless MMX!
However, I dare to ask if one really n eeds all the performance all the time. Underclocking programs, yes, they do exist and everything-but do you think a regular user can use those if you see even ultimate "eleet" "uber-" experts crapping up their handhelds from time to time(Nexave users,...).
Best regards
Tam Hanna

12:55 PM  
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