Friday, September 23, 2005

The Treo 700w-why I beleive that it will have a hard time

Engadget just announced the first real images of a Treo 700w. Immediately, PalmOS users fired off rants about how this would kill our OS.

Anyways, lets stop bickering for a moment. Lets recapitulate what made the Treo family big-the simplicity of use and the OS. Treos were the only boxen that ran Palm OS and were readily available! Thus, almost all PalmOS users wanting a smart phone went for the Treo. Eventually, a cult began to develop similar to what we currently see over at the ipods.

Now compare that to the WinMobile section. WinMobile phones are available in a variety of styles and sizes, running different versions of WinCE and covering an extreme range of prices(from HTC magician to whatever). The HTC retails for 50€ oer in Europe-and has better specs than the Treo. It is sturdily built(I had one in my hand recently). The Treo 700w will cost at least 400€-and I am sure that HTC already has the contracts with carriers to keep them aboard...

Palm always got away with quality issues as they were the only PalmOS stuff maker and since platform switching is extremely expensive due to all the registered software. But-switching from one PocketPC to another is easy. So, a dissatisfied user simply discards the device, but can keep all the infrastructure.
Overall, I beleive that Palm will have a hard time beeing succesful with the 700w using its old strategies due to fierce competition. Ther main danger I see is that Palm may loose a lot of money on their Windows expedition-money better invested into the PalmOS line!

What do you think?


Blogger Jun said...

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2:07 AM  
Blogger Jun said...

Yes, I agree with you. Plus, is WinCE really usable compared to PalmOS? I could never stand it when I tried it years ago. Has it gotten so much better to be even close to the PalmOS league?

2:07 AM  
Blogger Steven Fisher said...

Wince is an inferior OS. And yes, Palm can't compete there (although their quality problems have been grossly exaggerated).

But that might not stop them from trying. And it might not stop them from committing to Wince. Companies have done things much stupider and out of touch with reality in the past.

We'll see exactly how large Palm's commitment is to both platforms Monday.

2:56 AM  
Blogger Tam Hanna said...

if you honestly ask me after my HTC expedition:

a)I liked the old WinCE 2 start menu/desktop better. It took more clicks, but offered value for it...
b)Menus pop up way slower than they do on Palm OS
c)e.g. Starting an app takes 34 clicks on WinCE, but only two on Palm
d)It was difficult to provoke slowdowns on the machine, but there were absolutely no apps installed(it was hardreset).

Anyways, I beleive that Palm DOES have quality problems. Just look at my Tungsten T3!!!!
Best regards
Tam Hanna

2:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe this new competition will cause Palm to increase quality to match the other WinCE models out there. And then just maybe those improvements will trickle back to the Palm OS side.

3:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tam Hanna said
"c)e.g. Starting an app takes 34 clicks on Wince, but only two on Palm"

I can see why you would hate the OS if you needed 34 taps to start an app. What were you doing? Tapping on the back of the device?

Anyway, a bit less facetiously, you can assign most apps to a hard button, and you can put 6 apps on the start menu (so two taps away) and another 5 apps you last used will automatically be added to the dynamic part of the start menu.

As Ive said before, WM is not devoid of usability features.


5:00 PM  
Blogger Tam Hanna said...

it was a typo! 3 taps on WinCE......
Best regards
Tam Hanna

5:24 PM  
Blogger Josh Bancroft said...

It's interesting to note that the Treo 700w is actually manufactured by HTC...

Great blog, BTW - I'm subscribed!

Josh Bancroft

6:02 PM  
Blogger Steven Fisher said...

I didn't say they were problem-free; I said their quality problems had been grossly exagarated.

8:32 PM  
Blogger Tam Hanna said...

anyways, here we hjave yet another reason for it not working!
Do you beleive that HTZC is interested to have a direct competitor to its HTC universal,.... machines? A PalmOS device is fine IMHO, as it does not attack Windows CE share directly. But this? Is it hard for HTC to "reduce" product quality(just thinking freely, nut saying that it is true or good or anything)?
Best regards
Tam Hanna

9:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Take a look at the engadget photos of the Treo 700w, Look at the last image. There is a Voice Command icon. Voice Command allows you to open any program by pressing the button and saying it's name. Palm OS has nothing that can compare to Voice Command on Windows mobile.

8:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

8:50 AM  
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