Friday, September 02, 2005

The PUG Vienna met yesterday

The Vienniese Palm user group met yesterday. Yet again, a new site was chosen which was almost impossible to reach, but offered free WLAN. Lovely for a T3 owner... . Anyways, the meeting was very interesting. Find a few images below(sorry for the bad quality, but the SX1 gets bad if it is dark):

Sabine finally got herself a Zire 72-her son ruined the 71 a short time ago!

We have two new faces. The two people pictured above are a couple(sorry, I forgot the names). The man on the left side owns a Treo 650 and works at a helicopter company. The woman on the right side is called Tori and does Kinesiology-she owns a Tungsten C.

Here we have Boris comparing a Stowaway prototype for Vii with his IR keyboard. This is indeed a generation clash...

Boris and Alex-of course-had lots of stuff to discuss!

The Treo 650's screen beats the T3's to smithereens...... .

A happy Sabine-and Herwig in the back. While he is pretty friendly at the beginning of meetings(teaches lots of interesting stuff about Macs and Photoshop, just gotta listen to him) he can get annoying towards the end;).

And here-last but not least-we have Boris lecturing about the Jaguar console's rendering system and the MIDI standard. Did you know that one can reproduce voices using MIDI and the sampler integrated into most SoundBlaster cards? And-did you know that the Jaguar can beat an X800 in some rendering benchmarks?
Overall, this was another interesting meeting! Come on, tell me if there is a Palm User Group in your area!


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