Friday, September 16, 2005

Podcasts of the week

Over the week there are a number of PDA related podcasts. I listen to the 1src and Palmaddict casts regularly, but I also frequent many of the other sites. Alan Grassia has a great podcast over at Grassnet, and a great list of all of the available Palm podcasts here.

Of course, their is a special occasion for me mentioning podcasts, and that is this weeks PalmAddict podcast. I was again a guest on the podcast, but this not being horribly special in itself, I must say that it was a group panel podcast. We had Tyler, Jeff Kirvin, Alan Grassia, myself, and JAmerican from the 1src forums. As you will see if you take a listen, we managed to stay on topic fairly well. We talked about things from Access to SkinUI, and received many good insights on the current events. Take a listen and a look at the shownotes here if you want to know more.

As a sidenote, Jeff was bashing Clies in the post podcast chat. Any Clies owners wishing to bash, maim, or otherwise disfigure Jeff can feel free to do so.

Note: The above statement and its charges can be taken literally or figuratively. I hold no responsibility in the event that any Jeffs get bashed or maimed, but please remember this is Jeff Kirvin. I would not want to cause mass Jeff hate around the world and end up with a number of dead Jeffs on the streets.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wasn't in the chat, but Jeff switches PDAs too often to consider PDA durability. Please check out customer comments on any recent Palm vs. most Clies, to see how robust Clies are compared to recent Palms. My SJ20's and TH55's battery life and durability put recent Palm products to shame. Regular folks who don't like to throw out their trusted PDA every year don't want recent Palms.

12:19 AM  
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