Friday, September 09, 2005

PalmSource aquired by Access Co(Netfront dudes)

PalmSource has been aquired by Access-for an incredible price. Indeed, the rumor mill was hard at work quite some time, but the mentioned company was wrong.
Now this came as a surprise. A software company that produces portable applications purchasing an OS maker? Indeed, it is difficult to see a benefit for Access-unless you look at their software portfolio. The company does more than just NetFront. It also has a ready menu application for interactive handsets. And this is where PalmOS will come in!
Currently, each product needs to be ported from platform to platform for each licencee. Now, Palm OS for Linux allows Access to offer licencees a complete solution. Why get an OS at A, a web browser at B and a game at C, if you can have all the stuff from one vendor. Less compatibility issues, less problems... . PalmSource provides an everywhere OS(which the Linux core of PalmOS makes it-I beleive that porting away from ARM is not really a problem if the Linux kernel already runs on the platform). Access provides communications programs(PalmSource has a few nice preograms for cobalt already, they could be enhanced with Access's technologies).
So, Access and PalmSource definitely make a good team. Both companies work in the handset sector, and both have their individual licencees. Access has loads of PalmOS experience, so the company already knows the OS they're buying. Also, the company worked together with Sony while the Clies were going big. Thus, they know a lot about the way the Clie concept was designed. Overall, if PalmOS on Linux ships(I am pretty sure about this), we should be prepared to see Access and PalmSource running fast!
What do you think?


Blogger intellidryad said...

First of all, I'd wish that future Palms start to ship with Netfront 3.3, which supports tabbed browsing.

Then, since Japanese companies always seem to like to work with Japanese companies, I'd guess Access will be selling PalmOS + Netfront as a package to other Japanese firms. And the Treo and Lifedrive would face some Japanese compatition.

Overall, I think it'll be a good merger for palmOS. A great user friendly OS + a powerful browser=a great mobile network client, which is the future of handheld devices

9:00 PM  
Blogger Tam Hanna said...

intellidryad, I can only agree to all of the things you said!
Indeed, the achilles heel of the platform was the lack of browsers-up to now. Now that access owns the Palm OS, there is a high chance that this problem is now solved!
Best regards
Tam Hanna

9:14 PM  
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