Friday, September 09, 2005

Newsflash!!!!! PalmSource will be bought by ACCESS

Wow, this is a surprise. In a world where everything is predicted, this sure came quick, and nobody saw it coming. It is official though, PalmSource, the company that makes the PalmOS, will be aquired by ACCESS, a PalmOS software company that makes the Netfront browsers, as well as the core for the browser found on many newer Palms.

I woke up with this sitting on the front page of 1src and many other sites, so I wont try to decide who broke the story. It is found on PalmSources own website here.

What will this mean for Palm users? In my personal opinion, I believe this is a good move. Access already had a small stake in the Palm world, and now they have a larger one. They are further rooted in the handheld market by their work in the WM sector. I believe the combination of a strongly backed company with a steady revenue from multiple sources will help development as they continue to work on the new Palm on Linux variant.

PalmSource home page
Access home page

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P.S. Dont expect this to be our only article on the issue.