Monday, September 26, 2005

Mobile phone virii now attack the desktop

Symbian users already know and loath them-virii for Series 60. Up to now, the damage they caused was limited(a few MMS and data loss AFAIK), the desktop PC was not affected. I actually saw Commwarior in action(asleep on a Nokia), but didn't have an MMC card to "capture" it and offer it here for people who are interested! However, this has now changed with Sybos/Cardtrap.A acording to ITworld.
This trojan horse is a pack of different virii that spread themselves around to other Symbian devices. However, the main danger is that it installs onto memory cards and then attempts to attack PC's where the memory card is mounted(launches a worm).
Well, my defence is simple. I keep Bluetooth on my SX1 off or at least in invisible mode and I dont acceopt and files beamed ovwer to me in an unmotivied fashion. People owning a Treo or other PalmOS smartphone can however sleep in peace-we still dont have a real PalmOS virus!
Did you ever see one of these things in action? Do you have a copy to share?


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