Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Keyboard sounds-they can give away what you type

People know me from far away if I am working at a computer because I tend to slam the keyboard like an ancient typewriter! While this has already led to loads of people making silly jokes, those keyboard sounds can really be dangerous for your data according to Doug Tygar, a berkeley UC professor!
His gang developed a program that just "listened" to a user pressing the different keys on his keyboard for 10 mintes-and then could automatically identify which key was pressed!
This-of course-opens up an all-new facette of attacks on users. Imagine a devious administrator of an internet cafe identifying all his keyboards and then regenerating data! Or imagine a third party just gathering the sound of a keyboard on a public internet terminal. I am pretty sure that they would have an impressive amount of information pretty fast. Anyways, as of now, there is no countermeasure known. I do not beleive that listening to loud techno or other music will greatly help you out here, as one could theoretically filter the keyboard sounds out. Taking your own keyboard with you is not possible anywhere,... .
What do you think?

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