Wednesday, September 07, 2005

BugMe-the enhanced note pad

Since the arrival of the m505, I always wished that Palm's note pad app would support multiple colors. A dedicated drawing program usually was too cumbersome to use for a quick sketch. Electric Pocket seems to have the solution for me-BugMe+.
The program starts up in a list view displaying tiny thumbnails of all the notes currently on the handheld(click all images for 480x320 versions):

Category filters are available, the 5way navigator works flawlessly on my T3. Creating notes is easy-hit the new button or the hardkey assigned to BugMe+. The note editing view is really simple:

But-do not let the easy user interface confuse you. The program has loads of different drawing tools and supports up to 24 colors and 6 line widths. The icon at the top of the app enables you to return to the program used before.
The note drawing works at an acceptable speed-I believe Note Pad to be a tiny bit faster. BugMe contains a few predefined symbols that can be inserted easily:

JPEG importing didnt work on my T3. However, the program also contains a screengrabber that can be triggered via the command bar. Since notes are VGA sized, the grabs come out nice. Your doodles can be exported and sent as jpg files. The individual notes can have alarms assigned.
Overall, this is a funky app. It worked reliably on my T3 and adds value to the regular Note Pad. However, the program is very big(1 meg), since it cannot be stored on external memory without loss of functionality. So, the installation/purchase should be evaluated on a case per case basis-graphics people may prefer a full drawing app while easy users may not want to invest the money and memory. Note Pad junkies will definitely like BugMe+ for its features and the ease of use.


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