Tuesday, September 13, 2005

BlackBerry 8870 specs leaked

A T-Mobile austria representative has just confirmed that a new BlackBerry is indeed expected very soon! However, she didnt know number, date of arrival or more about the features!

Dont ask me if this is true or not. I never ever used a BlackBerry and doint really plan to either. However, a member of BlackBerryForums.org called athreya has just released the following information:

The new BB 8700 series will be out soon. Highlights are:

1. EVDO +BB and EDGE + BB device for Verizon (Sprint) and Cingular respectively.
2. GPS and IM builtin (Carrier fee applies)
3. faster processor + 64MB RAM
4. Better - more native - attachment viewing
5. No camera, no wifi, no VOIP.
6. Classic form factor + sleeker design, speakerphone
7. In testing now: Due out in Oct/ Nov from Verizon, Cingular and Sprint/Nextel. (I will have one in hand in about two weeks from now)

Like the 7290, dont forget you heard it from me, first. I have shared everything i know.
-find the info here
Overall, these specs look realistic for me from a Palm man's point of view! What really confuses me is the integrated GPS-if it really works like on the new IPAQ phone, Garmin seems to have a problem! The machine not having a touchscreen-however-is still the main deal breaker for me.
Do you beleive that this device is gonna come soon? RIM recently started to give away BlackBerries for free in some promo actions-who knows if they arent trying to clear stock...


Blogger Tom Frauenhofer said...

I think it's a requirement that all phones now sold in the United States include a GPS unit in the event of emergency (which in the US means that it is activated when you dial 911 for help).

1:36 AM  
Blogger Brad Green said...

This is true, but this takes different forms. The concept is called E911, which basically is a system for dispatchers to know your location without you having to give input. On landlines this is simple. They just get your home address. On cell phones I believe there are two methods. Nextel cellphones (or at least some of them) include genuine GPS chips, and these phones do have GPS capabilities that function beyond just emergency use. Other phones use a cell triangulation system by which dispatchers can tell their location, with fairly high precision, by triangulating their position with available cell towers.

As for the GPS capability in the Blackberry, it is my personal opinion that although I do prefer devices with a touchscreen (thats why I am a PDA geek), I dont think that GPS usage really requires a touchscreen, especially on devices like Blackberrys which have keyboards to quickly input data.

11:17 PM  
Blogger Tam Hanna said...

Hi People,
indeed, triangular systems can be implemented easily AFAIK and could then be offered for every user. Just ping the cell phone from three different stations and measure the ping times!
I wonder why cell carriers dont offer that service regularily. Ah, wait, I beleive some companies already do that... .
Best regards
Tam Hanna

5:44 PM  
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