Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Apple Ipod nano-how to handle product flaws

Most of you tend to know my oppinion about ipods-I beleive them to be overpriced and hyped beyond reality! So, I was amazed when the first reports of ipod nanos with imploding screens began to surface. Anyways, the claims were gathered on homepages, and Apple now decided to make a move!
The company announced that it will fix all ipods with such a problem and pushed the blame on the vendor of the screen. A cheap, but working way to keep your own back clean!
Anyways, compare that to Palm Inc's handling of flaws. We had the IIIc, the V series power buttons, T3s with drifting digitizers, all sorts of OS5 stuff with hizzing screens,... . And no reaction!
Lets hope that the hard Windiows Mobile competition(typical PPC quality problem: paint going off, how bad) will teach them better!

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Anonymous shrimp said...

1. The iPods aren't extremely overhyped. The interface is really well done, you can speedily scroll through tons and tons of songs (or photos now) with the click wheel. You conrol 7 different inputs (2 which are speed-sensitive) with only one thumb. That's why, in my opinion, most other mp3 players fail. My brother used to have an archos 15Gb mp3 player, it hadd tons of nifty features, but if he wanted to find a song to listen to, he'd take a couple minutes finding it.

2. iPods keep it simple, and that's why they're on top. Apple's veiw of the common person is that you plug something in, and it works. Archos, Creative and most other mp3 players go for features first, expirience second.

3. And who are to say that it wasn't the screen vendor? As if you know everything that goes on within apple's doors. Don't be so high and mighty.

4. I swear, if you ended one more paragraph with a exclamation mark, I think I might have blown a fuse. You are waaaaay to excited about bashing Apple and Palm in the same entry.

8:43 PM  
Anonymous Connso said...

shrimp: Don't take it all too serious -- this Blog is being run by a bunch of children who think they are online journalists! ;)

So even though it is fun too read sometimes, you shouldn't really expect too much substance...

11:20 PM  
Blogger Tam Hanna said...

Hi shrimp,
1: I already used a few ipods and found them easy to use. However, I subjectively prefer touchscreen,... players for the extra features.

2: Right.

3: I don't say it wasn't his fault. I just meant that this is always an easy way to keep your own reputation safe.

4: sorry!

To connso: thanks for flaming! You know, big pages like PIC all have trolls. We are "honoured" by your presence and encourage you to register fotr a fixed commentators account.

Best regards
Tam Hanna

6:56 AM  
Anonymous shrimp said...

Thank you, tam hanna. And connso: you try making a blog and updating it and keeping it interesting, it's not easy.

I personally wouldn't like a mp3 player with a touch screen, that means I'd have to use a stylus or my fingers, which aren't usually clean since I work with charocol alot.

I don't really look for features in an mp3 player, most of them don't matter (such as FM since radio sucks) or can be added on with ipodlinux (recording)

I like how you responded to my accusation of using too much exclaimation marks with another exclaimation mark. I found it humorous, and I even cuckled a little.


8:16 AM  
Blogger Tam Hanna said...

this is of course a problem I dont have...
Thus, for me a touchscreen is king. However, I dare to doubt if buttons will work well for you on long term, because dirt can also get into them. Anyways, altough Apple's products look/feel extremely tough, I do not beleive that they have a dust intrusion protection IP certified of any class!
Last but not least, I dont really know why I use exclamation marks often. Treat it as my expression of personality ;)...
Best regards and have fun
Tam Hanna

5:19 PM  
Anonymous Shrimp Design said...

I haven't had much problems with dirt getting in my iPod ... and I haven't heard of people having problems with that, but it is possible. Dirt can also get in the sides of the touchscreen.

That brings up an interesting point: do any mp3 players even have touchscreens? I have never seen one .. except Palms or PPC handhelds with mp3 player applications....

I'm going to link to you on my site, you make a good blog, Tam Hana.


7:23 PM  
Blogger Tam Hanna said...

Hi shrimp,
it gave me quite a start when I saw a 400€(just!!!!) digicam from Sony at a friends-it had a touchscreen. Archos is said to have a box with touchscreen, and so are some other manufacturers. However, these usually play videos as well!
Thanks for the praise, BTW; it isnt just me on TamsPalm!!!! Your blog also is funky!
Best regards
Tam Hanna

8:55 PM  
Anonymous shrimp said...

Oh, I see ... the portable media device thingys have those touchscreens. Now, I would probably like a touchscreen for a portable media device over a click wheel, or maybe both. But for just a mp3 player, click wheels are suitable.

I noticed the other writers for this blog, I actaully found about your blog from forums from one of the co-writers. Thank you for your comments about my blog. I enjoy my blog being called funky.


2:16 AM  
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