Saturday, September 10, 2005

Access spokesman speaks up

Recently, PalmSource was aquired by Access Corporation. Now, a spokesman of the new mother company has spoken up over at CNET's-here is a link to the article:
To cut a long story short, the spokesman did not say much new, but a lot of good stuff. First of all, the PalmOS is not dead! Access will continue working on PalmOS on Linux and even plans to revisit Cobalt in some way or the other.
And, last but not least, Netfront will be integrated into Garnet-whatever that means! So, maybe Access is starting to see the need of current PalmOS device owners and wants to do something against them leaving the platform, which is a good step into the right direction if you ask me! Also, NetFront will be the default browser for Cobalt and POS on Linux. What that means for PalmSource's current, very nice Cobalt web browser cannot be determined currently. Lets just hope NetFront will be better!
How do you feel after this statement?