Monday, August 22, 2005

The StylusCentral 3-in-1 stylus reviewed on a T3 recently provided us with a few samples for testing. This review is for the 3-in-1 stylus for the TT/T2/T3. It may also fit the LifeDrive, but I am not sure because of its thickness(click all images for larger versions).

These images show the shipping envelope. The stylus itself comes in a blister pack like most SD cards. Here are a few photos of it in empty state:

The Stylus looks a bit thicker than the one that came with my TT. It takes a lot of force to push it into my T3, but it fits in without rattling. However, it sticks out of the silo quite a bit. It actually is compressed together in the blister pack. Look at these images for a bit more detail about the dimensions:

The spring mechanics are noisier than the ones used on my T3-but well, used that for a very long time. A short stress test(50x) improved the situation. It does not always function immediately. I dont know if this is a problem with my hand(usually works after two or three presses-same thing with my father though, he is extremely strong). The PalmOne mechanic is way better for both of us... .

Softresetting a T3 is no problem. Writing on-screen is extremely comfortable and smooth due to the cone-like tip. It even works perfectly on my overhead "protection" foil.
But now on to the ball pen.

Its tip appears if you unscrew the top of the stylus. The unscrewing procedere itself is no problem, these mechanics appear sturdy and work well. The tip comes secured with a yellow silicon bubble which needs to be removed before writing.

Lets cut a long story short-this pen's output cannot verse a parkers. The lines are extremely thin(like a pencil), thinner than a fountain pen or regular ballpoint's. While I personally prefer 0.7mm lines, the thin ones save ink and allow sketching. The writing process feels ok for such a tiny thing-enough for form-filling and note sketching. The filling can be changed by unscrewing the middle of the stylus.
By the way, I could not test if it looses ink over time. But it looks as if ink will not enter the PDA due to the cap(happened to a friend once with his TC and a different one).
Overall, I like this thing. Writing with it feels nice and the pen can come in handy. While the spring mechanism could be improved significantly, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks for a pen+pda user. The current price is justified because of the comfortable writing feel-if you need the pen.
DISCLOSURE:The stylus was not returned after reviwewing as it became unsuited for resale due to the revieweing process. However, this has no effect on the objectivity of the review! Please email me at if you have any concerns about credibility or bribery!