Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Australia planning SMS spam to find new recruits

The australian army is said to evaluate a new way to find recruits.
The german press agency recently reported that the australian army is planning to send out SMS messages to teenagers advertising the benefits of working for the ADF. Australia has one of the best spam laws in the world currently, however, it looks as if a leak was introduced to allow political communications in paragraph 44.
Another problem with the australian plan is the obtaining of mobile phone numbers. The information is said to be purchased from address agencies-the same businesses spammers use to find potential new targets.
If the ADF is allowed to start the campaign, this will have desasterous effects on SMS spam. While I already get a spam SMS/week, this would move the spammer's attention to mobile phones. Pricing for SMS still imposes costs, but it overall might pay out for some(callback spams).
Do you beleive this is a good idea?