Thursday, July 28, 2005

Rumor: CodeWarrior for PalmOS is back

This unconfirmed rumor has just hit the codewarrior.palm group andn also the developer mailing list:

Hi all,

Just to let you know that we will again be selling CodeWarrior for Palm
v9 at Meterwerks store

It should be available on the 27th or shortly thereafter.


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to discuss CodeWarrior topics with other users and our staff
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Ron Liechty - -

You can visit the post at Google groups-I unblocked the email address display captcha for you, thats the reason for the odd link:
This is still uncofirmed, as it is very easy to fake email adresses and signatures nowadays. However, I beleive that it may be genuine for a few reasons:

  1. The person writes Meterwerks instead of MetroWerks-no con man would deliberately post in such a mistake, it looks like company slang
  2. Google displays a CodeWarror for PalmOS ad below which looks like a paid one. Why advertise for a dead program?

The TamsPalm redaction has just emailed the email address given at the bottom of the post. We will keep you updated.
Looks as if PODS finally gets some competition. A product with a resource editor thats doesnt support the selected attribute of a push button really doesnt deserve ########(censored in consideration of a hardworking PalmSource employee, you know who you are)...
What do you think? Is that good news? Or is it just a hoax?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My guess - Codewarrior for Palm OS got caught up in the Motorola/Freescale split, and figuring out IP and/or other issues held up the product. It's not a high priority item, so it wasn't moved all that fast. They have the product, it's now just packaging and advertising costs that need to be addressed. If they think the business works, great.

Hey, I like the product better than using PODS. You can feel the maturity in CW. PODS I look at now as a red-headed stepchild with some support from PalmSource but (given the latest job actions) a slightly lower priority from them.

5:00 PM  
Blogger Steven Fisher said...

To be honest, I wasn't aware it ever went off their price list. We bought copies in May or so. If it was ever off their list, it was off very briefly.

It doesn't matter anyway. Metrowerks lacks the ability to rebuild the tools, let alone update them. If we see an announcement from Ben Combee that he's been hired by Metrowerks I'll have some hope. Otherwise, forget it.

5:27 PM  
Blogger Ben Combee said...

I'm not going back. However, the announcement is valid. MWRon is a long-time Metrowerks spokesman, and I've got independent confirmation that the product will be back.

AFAIK, it's still V9; the licensing code may be redone to node-lock it and some components may be removed due to distribution license expiration, but otherwise it's the same tool.

1:30 AM  
Blogger Steven Fisher said...

I didn't think you would, Ben. :)

For the record, it doesn't necessarily have to be YOU at Metrowerks. I'm sure they could get some other people on it and re-learn what they've lost. However, this would be a major undertaking, and I haven't seen any sign of that occuring.

Metrowerks has most/lost all of its domain knowledge on the Palm, all of its x86 capabilities (including the ability to build test ARMlets for the Palm Simulator and to follow Mac OS X onto the x86), and developer mindshare for just about everything except the Palm, which never had that much to begin with. They have left their contracting for embedded processors and that's about it. I'm not prepared to declare them dead, but if they're going to survive it seems they're going to have to return to their (pre-Codewarrior) core.

My hope for Codewarrior for Palm at the moment is that Palm (the former PalmOne, not PalmSource) will acquire and start updating it. It's a slim hope, but it is all I have...

3:12 AM  
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