Thursday, July 14, 2005

The Many Faces Of Palm.

Over the years, palm has changed there look several Times. The Image far Left, known as the original palm logo was created about 10 years ago. Then back in 2003, palm (after splitting up from US Robotics) Changed their name to palmOne. They did this because they bought Handspring(a company that made palm PDA's) and the hardware company split up from the software company, forming palmOne and PalmSource. Many people were sad about this and never got used to saying palmone.

Now pa1m0ne (notice the the number 10 in there?) has bought the wrtites to the "palm" name for $30 million, and have changed their name. But instead of going with the old logo, they went with a brand New, more "hip" logo.

So there you go, a short, brief history lesson of palm err, pa1m0ne err, palm. What logo Do you like the best? All I hope is that they don't stamp a big orange logo on their devices.