Sunday, June 19, 2005

Why GMAIL doesnt have to go public to be public

GMAIL logo from google's homepage
The Isnoop spooler is offline!

Lets get offtopic for a minute. Everyone loves GMAIL-and indeed it is a nice service! Many users permanentely discuss if it has already gone public, but this is childsplay and foolish talk if you ask me!
There are hundreds of sites offering GMAIL invites in exchange for an email, just googling for an invite will lead you to the isnoop spooler where hundreds of invites are waiting! After getting over a captcha, a nice invite is dispatched to your location, and you have a lovely new GMAIL account!
Try to think about this for a minute! Everyone who really wants an account, can get it with not too much work. But scammers and the infamous Joe Schmoe is not willing to take this effort if he can have an account somewhere else with less effort. Why should you try to get over a captcha,... if you can get an email account easier somewhere else.
Thus, not going public only has advantages for GMAIL, as it keeps the mailing service a tech people thing. The MIT hackers originally developerd a time sharing system where there was a call to kill the entire system, but nobody ever used it because each one knew that he was responsible for everything else! Thus, GMAIL users will not give accounts to people who don't know how to use it in a smart and responsible way! Also, people who just want to do crap with their account will search for another provider where there is less "trouble" to overcome!
What do you think?


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