Sunday, June 05, 2005

We have a new author

Dear readers,
yet again we have a new face posting on TamsPalm! His nickname is Bubu, and he will publish his real name in his profile as time goes by(as we find the button). But lets listen to what he has to say:

Dear Readers,
a new name will appear on Tam Hanna's Palm OS Blog: "Bubu". But who is that?

"Bubu" is my nickname in several (german) forums and on My real name is Thomas Busch, I'm from Regensburg, Germany. I'm also a member of the local palm user group. I own a Tungsten T3, which is already my 4th Palm OS device.

Why am I here?

Well, I already have a blog where I write about my experience on Palm handhelds. But I'm doing it in german. After Tam Hanna had discovered my blog, he asked me if I would like to write some articles on his blog, too. I said "yes" and now here I am!

I hope you will enjoy my articles. But you have to know that writing english texts is still a little challenge to me. So please do not grumble too much about gramatical mistakes or wrong spelling. But also feel free to tell me if you like my articles or not. This is the only way I can improve them.

But now I told you enough about me, let's get back to our handhelds!

So, please don't flame him too much! And-please-don't forget to comment if you like what he writes or have some feedback! This is what we feed on!
Best regards from the TamsPalm team


Blogger Mitchell Rusk said...

welcome BuBu! I never got a welcome to tamspalm post :( But that's all right. Hope to see great things from you. so start posting, and have fun!

-Mitch, AKA: Tungsten T5

7:33 PM  

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