Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The UX50 is under fire

Recently, a few websited leaked information about the new HTC magician that is also known as XDA 4 or MDA 4. And is extremely similar to the beloved UX series that were once produced by Sony. Here is a list of the specs:

  • 520MhZ Intel Bulverde

  • 128MB RAM

  • 96MB ROM

  • Windows Mobile 5.0

  • VGA screen

  • 210g

(data from eprice)
Also, there are more keyboard PocketPC's coming to the market that the UX50 reopened. Just look at the HTC Wizard and other rumoured machines.
When the UX50 entered the market, most people beleived that it would fail. Psion had keyboard+touchscreen and died. Same was valid for the old handheld PC's. Actuallyx, the reasons are pretty obious. The Revo's were too expensive, and the old Windows CE machines were too slow and too expensive. But if HTC gets it right, Windows Mobile may just take this market. PalmSource should really do something here!
What do you think?


Anonymous aquatix said...

I think a PalmOS based version of this would be my ideal pda [except for the boring design].

It could not be coincidense that just today I was thinking about what my next pda should look like. I'm in love with my Clie TH55, but I'd like to have a build-in keyboard, preferably without having to shrink the screen [that's my major gripe with the Treo, not regarding the lack of wifi]. A device with a large screen, swiveling like this device does, a nice keyboard, bluetooth and wifi and SD slot[s] would be the next device I'd buy.

Maybe that's why I'm looking at those Sharp Zaurus pda's [like the one on ]. Too bad they still don't have bluetooth and wifi build-in...

7:51 PM  

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