Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Pug Vienna met a few days ago

The vienniese Palm user group met in vienna on the 2.06.2005. I could not stay thjere long becasue of other taks and exams, but-here is a short scoop.

Here you see Herwig. He was our one-man entertainer and kept us well informed about Macs, graphics design and other stuff. Color calibration and color management are very interesting topics!

Which of these papers is whiter? The correct answer is: none of the two. The one is a little yellowish, but the other one has slight blue shades in it.

Alex, our organizer discussed heavily-we were only three...

The vienniese skyline was beautiful. It was very warm and we could sit on the roof of the coffee shop!

Boris was late. Here you see his girlfriend with her Zire 71 that somehow reincarnated after being licked to death by her son!
Is there a Palm meet in your area?