Thursday, June 16, 2005

palmOne and Developers

Jeff, over on has posted a new Podcast about palmOne and the lack of communication towards the developers. I agree with him on this and palmOne should be releasing more information on garnet. Please listen to this podcast and post your comments here. i hope to have jeff post here once I talk to him. Thanks, Mitch


Anonymous Camilo Alvarez said...

Actually... i listen to Jeff every week, i agree with him, and i don`t need to be a programer (cause i have no idea how), to know that something is wrong in PalmOne.
They are doing something wrong, a lot of people are changing to PPC cause of hardware... so why is palmone also giving to PPC an extra help makin so dificult for developers to program.... is like an autodestruction plan!!!

Just my 2 cents

9:07 AM  
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