Thursday, June 16, 2005

Jeff vs DIA

Jeff Kirvin recently discussed the DIA on his 1src podcast. Lets just cut this message short:
The PalmOne DIA is not documented. Almost every developer has some kind of issues with it...

I am not sure what to say about this. The PalmOne DIA implementation is standardized by PalmSource. Altough there may for sure be some differences in the internal implementation(what Fitaly needs for example), most applications do not need these internals. They go by the PalmSource DIA API, and thats it! In case you don't beleive me, just look at the Programmers Companion number one. It contains an entire section about it, and the DIA works well in my test program on both T3 and T5.
And some more about what Jeff beleives about killing developers. Carriers were very happy when Java midlets were introduced, and they happily sell both PocketPC's and Symbian Series 60 machines! Both of these platforms allow third-party programs to do really much, and nobody bickers! Third-party stuff is a nice argument to drive people away from tech support, and also allows carriers to forward customers to third parties...
What do you think?


Blogger Mitchell Rusk said...

Tam, palmOne changes the DIA each ?time a new device comes out, and they don't need to. This is making it hard for developers that use the DIA becuase they have to rewrite the software everytime.

Also like Jeff said, the Tungsten C is still the fastest Palm out! becuase palmone modifies the palm os garnet so much. If they would use cobalt wich already has all the mods palmone has put into garnet, then the same devices running on cobalt could be twice as fast.

Plus microsoft works with the developers. They had tools out for windows mobile 5.0 out months ago! So now all the software should be ready for 5.0, and their will be no problems. But palmOne doesn't help at all. They just sit back and wait for the developers to fix the problems on their handhelds (like sharkcache).

If palmOne could just work with the developers they could have the fastest, most reliable, and have the most software compatible with each device.


7:26 PM  
Blogger Brad Green said...

Well, I would have to say that Jeff has a good point, and Tam also has a good point. On the one side, Palm does indeed change the DIA for each device. However, the real question may be regarding what Jeff is actually mad about. It is obvious that Palm provides enough information to make programs work with the DIA, however, what it seems Kirvin is arguing is that Palm needs to provide the information to consistently hack the DIA. These two are sepsrate issues. I could be wrong, feel free to comment.

2:27 AM  
Blogger Tam Hanna said...

this is indeed right IMHO. But-if PalmOne would disclose too much about the API, what would be then? revrse engineering??
PalmOne seems to have an enormous fear about the LifeDrives security features as they want to target government sales.
And, I cannot imagine what the government would say if there was an exploitable code bug in the DIA... . This fits nicely into the FrankenGarnet picture Jeff paints-maybe PalmOne even knows that a problem exists but canot find it!
Just my 2 cents though
Tam Hanna

9:26 PM  

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