Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Alexander Gratz-a new TamsPalm face

Dear Readers,
Once again-it is time to welcome a new author. Give a warm welcome to Alexander Gratz. But lets let him write about himself:
With this post I introduce myself at TamsPalmBlog. My first palm was a
V I got in february 2004 as a personal organizer. Since July 2004, I own
a Tungsten C, not only for appointments and addresses. It's now about
one year that I'm *very* interested in this topic, especially
device-specific software on other devices (like NetFront on a T3) and "big" third-party projects such as TCPMP. I'm active in several forums
and use my PDA very often, for appointments, tasks, films, mail check or
web surfing."

I personally know him as a software freak-his TC is full of T5,.. stuff! A new face-I am waiting for your oppinions. Constructive criticism of his first posts is wanted!
Best regards
Tam Hanna and the TamsPalm Team


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