Friday, June 24, 2005

Alarms-an alarm beta tester's friend

Dont we all hate debugging programs based on the alarm manager. There is no way to see if the event was identified and installed correctly-except waiting... .
This is where Erwin Schomburgs 10k binary comes in. After Launch, it just displays a no-frills dump of all applications and their registered alarms:

This screenshot comes from a test user account on my Tungsten T3. The program works flawlessly, but does not support the DIA. VFS is no problem though.
The current version can be downloaded from FreewarePalm. TamsPalm has archived version 2.0.0q from the 21/01/2005 for you in case the program ever goes off-line.
BTW, this program is postcardware. So, if you like it and have a nice hand writing, send a postcard to the address that the program displays. If you cant write for whatever reason, drop him an email at
Will you use this program?


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