Thursday, June 30, 2005

The 1src PodCast 30-a few little addons

Mitch Rusk alreadysaid it-the 1src podcast number 30 is out. So, first of all we have to congratulate Jeff about his success! Indeed, he usually has interesting news and hints in every podcast-but there always are little flaws, just like in all other things on earth(no, don't run a spellchecker on TamsPalm, no! no! no!).
So, here is what we have to add to this podcast:
Bluetoth discovery
I can remeber darkly that the bluetoth discovery works the other way round-its not the discoverable device that sends data, but it is the discovering device. It sends out data on all bluetooth channels(takes 10.4 second)!
Block sizes
Some NAND Flash ROMs are said to have an internal blocksize(see, the post was corrected by Ben Combee). This block size cannot be changed. However, if PalmOne changes the NVFS storage system, they can store data belonging to different files in the same sector. The data from two files simply shares one sector!
PalmOS target market
Jeff says that PalmOne's target market are the people who can chuck out 500$ with ease. the question here is: how many people are there who can do this? Also, if PalmOne is targeting white-collar professonals, why is there the Zire line then? Which white-collar professional wants a cam in his PDA? PalmOne definitely aims at consumers with its Zire line IMHO-or why else should they have two different product lines that contain essentially the same!
What do you think?


Blogger Evan Light said...

Still need to listen to Jeff's latest Podcast. Even so, I was just remarking about Palm's target market on my blog last night.

I'm with you: the Zire is clearly aimed at younger consumers than "old-fogie white collar working stiffs" like me. ;) There's a reason that they have a range of products spanning a range of prices. As you say, the entire Zire series spans a $200 price range (here in the US) between $100 and $300. While the top end of that spectrum may be out of reach for a lot of young folk, unless they dedicate a lot of their play money to it, the $100 Zire21 is eminently affordable.

In my mind, the Tungsten and Treo series is aimed squarely at the "metrosexual" crowd: that is, white-collar consumers who want to flash their technology but not as garishly as some younger users may (i.e., Paris Hilton's encrusted Sidekick II--the horror, the horror). The price bracket seems to fit that mark, as well. Cal it a gut check, but when you exceed the cost of a Playstation/X-Box/Gaming console du-jour, I get the feeling that you're also exceeding the expenses of teenagers and early twenty-somethings.

You want an example of a Treo user? Ever watch The West Wing, here in the US, on NBC? The White House Deputy Chief of Staff, a truly iconic yuppy, carries what looks like a Treo 600/650.

11:35 AM  
Blogger Mitchell Rusk said...

yes, I don't know what jeff was talking about. The still sell the zire 31 wich is basicly a palm os 5 m130.

5:11 PM  
Blogger Tam Hanna said...

I feel that the Treos are way overpriced-but TamsPalm already wrote about this months ago.
Best regards
Tam Hanna

11:45 AM  

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