Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Rumour=free market study

Recently, Molly Wood over at CNET ran a nice "little" x-page suada against blogs such as Engadget or Gizmondo. While it may look as if she is trying to get people to accept their NDA's, the real reason is a different one when you ask me. Her page is a concurrent to engadget, etc and she just wants to kick them in the hide. Luckily, she didn't mention TamsPalm, thus I will not dissect her post any further.
But, lets get on to rumours. We already had that topic online multiple times, and we always found out that rumours are not entirely bad. Read it up yourself if you don't trust me:
The rumourous flow of information
New devices and rumors-when they're good and when they're bad
And today, we will look at runopurs from yet another direction. When developing a program, nobody knows how well it will sell. I created LedManager not knowing about how it will fare. The beta testers usually like the product-thats why they apply for testing-and thus cannot give true feedback! But doing a rumor release of the product?
If the specifications are not fixed yet, bickering still makes sense. thus, users will be extremely likely to express their wishes. Alas, the company knows what to include. A good example is the decicion 32/64 Meg of RAM or the good old FlashROM question.
If you ask a customer directly, he will always want the better and the bigger. But if you indirectly ask him by forcing him to bicker if he does not like a part of the specs, you can get accurate feedback.
Overall, I feel that Molly really overreacted-what do you think?


Blogger Steven Fisher said...

I think that when I have customers under NDA -- like now -- it is to keep them from spreading rumours. There's no ulterior motive.

An NDA is a legally binding contract, and if you don't view it a such, I'm glad you're not under one.

1:53 AM  
Blogger Tam Hanna said...

Hi Steven,
I am so sorry to see you misinterpret my popst. I didn't mean that it is good to break all kinds of NDA! Actually, I was under quite a few and never ever broke one of them!
I meant something entirely different-I beleive that some companies more-less WANT to "release" rumours for the reasons mentioned in the posts above!
Best regards
Tam Hanna

10:16 AM  
Blogger Steven Fisher said...

Oh, I expect some do cause rumors to be released "by accident." Still, it makes life very complicated when you try to figure out which type of rumor is which. :)

10:47 AM  
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