Sunday, May 22, 2005

Mobile Managers

So the lifedrive is out, Now whats next? 40gb? VGA? 802.11g? Please post comments on what you would like in the next mobile manager.


Blogger Ron said...

Well, I already have a Zaurus SLC-760 (basically a tiny laptop). As a tiny laptop it's OK. As a PDA it fails miserably.

Laptop: basically it's too small to use as a full laptop. Battery life is about the same as a laptop (even with the enhanced battery I got). But the upside is that it can edit most type of office documents in native formats. It's also a really nice MP3 player and picture viewer.

PDA: Where it fails is in the productivity apps - calendar, memos, phone list. They don't work as fast the Palm's and they are made for a desktop - not a palm top.

Software is easy to change, though. The problems that I see are hardware: too slow, too power hungry, too small.

We are getting close to organic LEDs in the mass market. That plus fuel cells will give these high power "Mobile Manager"s enough life away from your charger to make them very useful.

I don't know how to handle the "too small", though. On one hand, you don't want it too big so that it's a burden to carry around. On the other hand, you don't want it too small so that it's hard to use.

11:13 AM  
Blogger S. E. McClintock said...

I would take the life drive, put a better battery and increase the access times, so the programs load a lot faster.

8:50 PM  
Blogger Brad Green said...

I'll see what I can pull into a response here.

As you probably know, OLEDs are in mass production now. Sony mass produces the model that is seen on the VZ-90 (said by many to have the best screen on any PDA), and they are now showing up on phones, and even music players.

As for fuel cells, dont get your hopes up on that. People probably wouldnt like the idea of having to carry "fuel" around with them to power devices. What you can look forward to is better battery life because there have recently been large strides in battery life and charging times, which have not yet made it into the market, but are getting close.

As for the software, there are many good programmers out there. We have Tam, Cliepet, Sharky, Dmitry, and other freeware developers who will do their best to fix problems found on new devices. Sharky has already bought a LifeDrive and announced that he is going to attempt to develop an app that will fix some of the problems with load times. If Dmitry has his hands on one, we are likely to see something similar from that avenue.

IMHO, Palm should have made it a priority to make load times as fast as possible on the LifeDrive, which it does not seem they did. The problem lies in the HDD itself, since it has to "spin-up" to retrieve data. At this time, though HDDs are getting very cheap, Palm may have been better off implementing an NVFS flash drive, separated from the regular memory system. On my TH (I just love to talk about it), I have a 1GB memorystick that holds the majority of my programs. It doesnt load instantaneously, because large apps have to be loaded off of it, but it does start immediately. One large mistake Palm made with the LifeDrive was tying its entire HDD to the Hard Reset mechanism. What they should have done was created a data partition and a RAM partition, on which only the RAM area is wiped out in the reset, leaving Docs and Media unharmed. As I always say, its my "humble" opinion. Keep the comments rolling in.

2:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My favourite Mobile Manager has 4 GB Flash (thats enough for me), 624 MHz (until now my 400 Mhz T | C are enough, but perhaps I need it), VGA, Bluetooth, WLAN, USB 2.0 Host, A/V IN/OUT, cradle included, Palm OS 6.1 Cobalt, Word + Excel + PowerPoint but better than Documents To Go (page layout, tables, images, fonts), Net Front 4.0, PDF-Viewer.

5:21 PM  
Blogger Tam Hanna said...

and there is my short humble oppinion before jogging into a french lesson:
Insert Cache! Use the hard disk only as SD card and keep the programs on NVFS...
Just my 2 cents though
Tam Hanna

6:21 PM  
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