Monday, May 09, 2005

The Mobile Manager-the end of the Tungstens

Well, the recent PalmOne announcement hit the sector hard. For all of you who didn't read it yet-here is a short abbrevation:

Mobile managers are designed for customers who are eager to take full advantage of the trend toward “digital everything” – from documents and email to music, images and video, as standalone files or in organized folders;

Handhelds attract customers whose first and foremost interest is in basic organization tools, such as calendar and contacts. These customers often incorporate additional applications and add music and images to their handhelds, but their central purchase driver is organization. palmOne’s Zire branded handheld computers serve consumers, and Tungsten branded handhelds serve mobile professionals in this customer set; and

Smartphones attract customers whose primary interest is in a single converged device that is an outstanding phone that also delivers excellent email access and organization. The Treo smartphone from palmOne serves this customer set.

There is only one thing thast I miss here. The real reason for the Tungsten Line and the Zires... . As I said some time ago, mobile professionals need storage. For my friend(the guy with the chemical firm), a GB is nothing. Nada, he uses it up like we drink an energy drink(not exactly, but he needs loads of storage anyhow). Multimedia users who currently used the Zires will also be happy about the additonal storage for photos and MP3's.
Overall, the mobile manager cuts into both Zire and Tungsten market shares. It may not be a Zire or a Tungsten, but well, it still is a good offer for both user families. And here is the real message:
Real high-end stuff will always be in the mobile manager section
Forget the Tungsten line as flagships. Forget the high prices we saw over at the T3,... . These two model lines will move down into the 300$ sector IMHO-and the crown will be left for the new mobile managers.
Or what do you think?


Blogger Steven Fisher said...

Considering what a POS the Tungsten T5 is, this is a bit of a relief to me. The idea that the T5 was intended to be a new mid-range Palm for a high-end that shipped late is a lot more palatable than the idea that the T5 was actually intended to replace the T3.

12:32 AM  
Blogger Mitchell Rusk said...

I love my T5 and I don't want to start an argument but many people had problems with their T3 in the begining. Remember the SD card Frying? Also the T5 is not intended to be an upgrade from the T3 it is for Tungsten E and Zire 31 users to upgrade from.

12:51 AM  
Blogger Tam Hanna said...

what about the T5 beeing the predecessor od the Life Drive? some people thought that they saw a D under the X on the FCC unit!
Best regards
Tam Hanna

3:52 PM  
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