Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The TE2 is out

Well, what we all expected did happen. The TE2 is out. It hit the market on the 13th of April, but the life drive isn't here yet.

The TE2 has the rumoured 200MhZ CPU, and a highly optimized NVFS system according to some reviews. Also, it has bluetooth and an enhanced screen. Feels kinda like the transition from m505 to m515, but this time, with added horsepower. The PalmOne WIFI card will be supported in May, so throwing another 100$ at the machine will get you WIFI. Battery life has been enhanced, the TE2 is said to run 11h while playing MP3 according to CNET.
The overall good impression is however weakened by three things:
  • High price of 250$
  • No Voice recorder
  • No internal memory
The latter one will probably the main problem of the TE2. A PocketPC can play MP3 rgiht out of the box, while a Palm cannot(if it doesn't have an internal drive). If the TE2 at least had the Drive Mode app, it could be advertised as a cardreader...

Instead of boring you with all the facts, etc-here is a shirt linklist where you can look up reviews and detailled impressions yourself:

So, this was it for now. How do you think that the TE2 will fare?


Blogger Brad Green said...

Softick has a program called RAM Drive which will allow media storage on internal memory on most devices. They do not list supported devices, but if this works on the T5, it will most likely work on the TE2.

6:25 PM  
Blogger Tam Hanna said...

but the program is not included in the package...
Best regards
Tam hanna

7:32 PM  

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