Sunday, April 03, 2005

Receive all kinds of files with your Palm OS handheld-for 0.00$

We all loath our PalmOS handhelds because they can not accept all kinds of files via Infrared, Hotsync and Bluetooth. A shareware called ReceiveIT promised interception of transfers-but it was rather pricy and the evaluation version never really worked for me. But-there is a new solution on the market. It is called GetdeBlu and is distributed as freeware. Here is a link to its homepage.
And on we go-here is a quick look at the program:

The interface is straightforward to use-add a file type to the program's list. Or change into MIME mode via the menu. Or add a * to intercept al kinds of files that the handheld does not know yet(I didn't test this though).
You can set the default storage directors in the preferences of the program. Access them via the Menu-the form should look like this:

Overall, this is a must-have utility for everybody who wants to communicate using his vfs-enabled PalmOS handheld. It requires 16k of memory(plus cache for incoming file), OS4 and a memory card.