Wednesday, April 13, 2005

PicselAccellerator, now thats an idea.

Dmitry Grinberg has just released a program called PiscelAccelerator, that removes the long startup times of PicselViewer. I have used it, and it does seem to work well. Historically, Picsel Viewer has been used by Clie users to gage the performance of their handhelds and see if background processes are running, because Picsel Viewer loads progressively slower when more background processes are running. This program will remove one of our favorite benchmarking programs, but will give us back one of the most useful programs on our handhelds.
Clie owners can find this great fix at the downloads page on Dmitry's site.

Picsel Viewer can view most major document and picture formats, and they appear as they would on a computer screen. It antialiases text, and allows zooming, and other tools, but not editing.


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