Monday, April 04, 2005

On forums and their moderation-part 2

Welcome back to the second post on discussion forums. If you haven't caught the first post, find it here. Reading it is important if you fully want to understand this post...
Lets now get to troll management. Trollings happen. They cannot be avoided. A user is bored, so he posts some junk to a forum and enjoys the sound of users bashing up each other.
Now, unhappy users are frustrated. And they need to do something against their frustration. Lets quote a theologist(he is not famous, but I liked this quote-BTW, he is my religion teacher): A sacrifice is a mass murder. A group of people selects an object and destroys it in order to get rid of their aggressions and frustrations-by Mag.Christian Claucig
I hope that you forgive me the extreme example, but it should put the thing clear. Unhappy users love to flame others. If users are unhappy due to excess moderation, trolls have good standing. Flamewars lead to aggressions, ......
Lets now take a look at why users are the most valuable resources a community has. Indeed, the site owner is the one who pays for the bandwidth and the web space-but is this all that there is for a successful board?
Bandwidth + Web space=Discussion?
I say no. And I have reason behind my words! Web space and bandwidth cannot talk or give answers to questions. It only aids the distribution of information. However, the information is created by the forum's users. So, a forum without users is a dead one. ..
Another thing-how does our fellow administrator react to claims? Well, I read a few of his posts concerning the matter. All he says is that he is satisfied with the moderators, that he is the one paying for the platform, etc. I say-better read TamsPalm!
Well, to conclude for now. I am not sure if all of you liked this excourse into psychology-but I enjoyed it and hope that you at least had a few new thoughts!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tam, you are for some reason offended by nexave, that is easy to see. But why don't you simply ignore them if they don't want to let you in???

You do not stop stating that there are better, bigger, brighter boards, so WHY do you complain???

You are not improving your credibility acting like you do right now.

Is that an insulted, little boy speaking???

10:26 PM  
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