Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Motorola MPX is dead

Motorola today announced that they will cancel the MPx-their do-it-all handset running Windows Mobile. The device was announced over a year ago and hat some striking similarities to the UX50. People living in asia are lucky, as the machine faced a limited release in Malaysia. Here is a photo of the MPX, just to get it back into your minds:

What does this mean for the business? Well, first of all it is a heavy whack for Microsoft. M$ was among the first to have PDA's with an integrated keyboard(I can strill remember the Jornada 720, oh boy what a machine). However, the whole platform was killed and no new machines followed. Psion also died out for a long long time, their EPOC operating system is now used in smartphones. The only M$-powered handheld in a similar form factor is the announced MDA4/XDA4-but who knows if it won't face a similar fate!
What do you beleive?