Sunday, April 10, 2005

Literature makes new customers

Recently, I emailed TI in order to get some information on their CD4k family. I just wanted a PDF pinout overview-they didn't have that. It looks as if the Harris migration wasn't as smooth as it may seem. I forgot about the topic-and about experimenting with IC's while learning digital electronics.
Well-until I got a call. A TNT delivery clerk phoned me that he had a 7.5 kilogram package for me and would like to deliver it. Erm, what da? Was Sony trying to get rid of me with a 10k bomb? Or whatever??
After opening the packahege, I was heavily astonished. It contained a huge lot of literature about TI's main TTL logic families. This picture shows all the stuff standing on my bookshelf:

Here you see a few of the things contained:

Also, TI included a poster advertising its role in the development of the integrated circuit:

Overall, TI now gained a new customer. I may not be a huge buyer(about 50pcs or so), but next time, I will definitely demand TI's stuff! PalmSource could really cut a slice off!


Blogger Brad Green said...

I love that "sand to circuit" book. It sounds like a documentary. If it was on the Discovery channel, they would find a way to show something mating.

2:10 PM  

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