Saturday, April 30, 2005

Gmail with SnapperMail; it's now a reality

If any of you have GMail accounts, you can now use SnapperMail to retrieve your email using Gmail's new POP3 features!! Here's how to get it working:

Log into your Gmail account, go into Settings, select the "Forwarding and Pop" tab, and enable the type of POP3 you want to do.
Next, launch SnapperMail and create a new POP3 account.
In the "Server" tab, fill in the POP3 server with "", enter your full gmail email address as the username, and enter your password in the password field.
In the "Outgoing SMTP Server" field, enter "", enter your full Gmail Email address, and enter your password.

Finally, choose "More" and adjust the following settings:
For POP3 settings:
Set the "Use SSL" drop-down to "Always Secure (wrapped port)", set the port to "995" and leave the other checkboxes unchecked.
For SMTP settings:
Set the "Use SSL" dropdown to "Always Secure (STARTTLS)", set the port to either port "465" or "587" and leave the other checkboxes unchecked. For me, I 1st used 465 and my receive worked BUT my send didn't. Then I tried 587 and then both worked. See what works best for you. Set up the rules as you wish, and when you tap "Send/Receive" you should be able to send and receive mail!

Works GREAT on my Zire 72! What are your experiences with GMAIL?

Readers: Sorry for the lack of pictures. I have yet to learn how to post my screenshots. My next blog will be a feast for the eyes!


Blogger Brad Green said...

Hey David,
If Tam hasnt told you, you cant just upload pictures to blogger easily, but you can have them show up if you host them elsewhere. Tam likes to have them hosted on his account to make it easier for keeping track of. My windows setup uses googles hello program to upload photos to a photo blog, and then I have them show up in the current blog by using the html code:

[img src=???]
or you can use
[a href=???][img src=???][/a]
(replace the "[ and ]" with "< and >", it will not let me write it normally because it sees it as html)

for the "img src" replace the ??? with the address of the image

for the "a href" code, enter the html of the address you want the picture to link to, if you want the shown picture to be a smaller version, and the linked picture to be a larger version (you do have to have 2 separate pictures)

Tam likes to add some extra formatting, but this will work for most uses.

5:48 PM  
Blogger David Zucker said...

Thanks so much for those instructions. Maybe now I can successfully upload my photos. I tried this morning and I couldn't figure it out. Tam has a great Assistant (YOU!). My next blog will be on What Word by Astraware. Yes, another Astraware review. :( OR :)? / Readers...which is it?

3:34 AM  
Blogger Brad Green said...

Wouldnt want to flood them with Astraware reviews. In that case, i'll release my next article. It was rotting in blogger anyway.

BTW, im pretty much a computer info sponge. I rarely forget anything I see or hear about this stuff. I only learned the HTML code for that like two weeks ago. I'm still learning the extra formatting. Its more difficult, as it uses things like " and ; and a bunch of other code I dont know.

9:08 PM  
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