Friday, April 01, 2005

Cell phones and contracts-why they belong together

Cell phones and contracts-why they belong together
You see it many, many times a year-users bickering about purchasing contact handsets from their carriers. Of course, some of these phones really suck(heavy branding, etc)-but most of them are usable or can be made usable with little hacks like disabling internet access. Now, many users don't want to buy these for whatever reason they may have. However , here are the reasons why I think most of them are wrong:
You need a contract
Face it-if you really want to use your phone, you need a contract. Prepaid is cumbersome and expensive. Also, a prepaid card tends to run out when you need it the most.
Easier access to service and help
Getting help with a PalmOS handheld is hard-some phone manufacturers are worse. If your phone "belongs" to the carrier, he is the ony one responsible for its function. He cannot announce that this model isn't supported on the network. If something doesn't work, the carrier has to fix it!
You don't change your phone number unless you absolutely have to
I have more than 400 numbers in my Palm. A friend of mine has 2000. If we would change our phone numbers, all of these guys need to be informed-an impossible task. It would take half a year until all of them get the idea-and then, half of the bind time is already over.
I bought loads of phones off my carrier for me and my dad-we had 3 erricson ones, a T68i, two MyX5's from Sagem, two MT50 from Siemens,....-and always were happy.
Contract phones for you?


Blogger Steven Fisher said...

No contract. No prepaid, either. Cancel anytime without penalty for me, thank you. You don't offer it? I pick someone who does. I've been locked into cell phone providers and won't do that again.

11:11 AM  
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