Saturday, March 19, 2005

Treo 670-Tam, the sucker revisited

Recently, image specialists took a closer look at the rumoured Treo 670 images-and zoomed in on the photographed screen! Indeed, an X can be clearly be seen on the right, and a windows mobile logo on the left!
Bump... Windows CE on a Palm OS handheld. Treason, catastrophe-how many hours PalmOne must have invested in orer to get this thing running. And oh boy, this is definitely the end of the Palm Os platform.
Bump. Time machine whiz.
We are back in 2004. A scandal journalist named Mike Cane wrote an article named We, the suckers-and TamsPalm answered him with Tam admitting that he was a sucker. A flamewar was fought, and the real argument was forgotten. Nobody quite noticed that Palm OS handhelds and PocketPC's are now running on the same processor architecture, and even have the same endian sorting! Gone are the days of the DragonBall processor, that no WinCE ran on-and gone are the assemblers with the big endians.
Thwe ARM standard widely accepted, and all major OS'ses except Windows XP support it. There's Symbian, Linux, RTOS'ses and so much more. Palm OS and PocketPC of course are there too.
So, lets conclude for the first time in this article. PocketPC's and Windows smartphiones are very similar when their hardware is concerned. Now, what does that mean for us? PalmOne didn't have to put all that effort into getting Windows CE run on their Treo-they just got a Windows CE platform builder(these were distributed for evaluation purposes at many semiconductor presentations, I still have the promo card actually) and hit build. And alas, there was a working Windows CE for the Treo. While this may indeed oversimplify the story a bit, there can't be much more effort involved. If my interpretation is correct, PalmOne now has a PocketPC Treo and can evaluate how it would fare. If they like it, they boot it out into their market. And then-the competition will decide......
What do you beleive?


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I just hope it 's not true else it's a treason like you said...:)

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